Thursday, February 4, 2010

Climbing On Toy Box & Bouncing On Horse

Hi Cute Baby!

Tonight, when we were playing in your bedroom, you crawled up on your toy box. You do it all the time now. You kept standing up and trying to grab the window blinds. Thats so you.... always doing what you shouldn't be doing.

You were a good girl and sat down a few times. I was sitting in front of you to make sure that you didn't fall. You leaned in while saying "mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa" to give me a kiss. You reached out, grabbed my shoulder, then leaned forward and kissed me. You kept doing it over and over. You're so cute.

You also had some fun bouncing on the horse that you got for Christmas. Your horse makes music and horse galloping noises when you bounce on it, spin the wheel on the top and press buttons on the handles.

I love you cute little baby girl!

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