Monday, February 15, 2010

Being Cute, Dancing, Visiting Old Nanny & Jenna

Hi Cutie Emma!

Being Cute

You were doing something funny recently. You were twitching your lip to do a smile with half you mouth... over and over. It was pretty cute. I didn't get a picture of it.

You had fun playing with a rubiks cube. You look so cute.

Yesterday, you started doing a shrug with one shoulder. You did it over and over. I don't know where you would ever learn such a thing.

Dancing On Toybox

You started dancing when Cameron was playing his trumpet in the basement below your bedroom. You were sitting on your toybox playing. You extended your arms out to the side, bent at the elbows and started twisting your upper body back and forth. After a few twists, you slipped off the toybox. I caught you.

Visiting My Family

We went east to visit my family on the weekend. Here's you and Old Nanny. You still act a bit shy around her :)

You and Jenna had fun playing when we got to her house.

I love you cute baby!

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