Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Into Cupboards, Drawing, Saying Maaaa, Drinking From Straw & Smacking TV Screen

Hi Little Doodle!

Getting into the cupboards

When we let you loose in the kitchen, you like to get into the cupboards. If I feel like letting you play, I'll sit with you to make sure you don't drop any big cans on your feet. Here's a picture of you getting into the cereal cupboard. I let you play long enough to get a few photos, but stopped you before you had cereal spilled everywhere.

Drawing on a notepad

You were using a pen to scribble on a note pad. You were so happy. You screamed any time that we took the pen or pad away from you. We were worried that it was too dangerous to let you play with the pen. You kept putting it up near you head. You ended up with some pen marks on your face and a few on your neck but you didn't get hurt.

Saying "Maaaaaaaa"

You say mom quite a bit now. You actually same something more like "muuuuuuuu" or "maaaaaaaa". Yesterday, you were on our bed with me. Mommy had her back to you using the phone. You kept looking over to her and saying "muuuuuuu". You also say it when you and I are playing and Mommy isn't in the room. You look towards the door and say "muuuuuuuu".

Getting good drinking from straw

You are good at using a straw now. You love juice packs. Sometimes if we give you the juice pack to hold, you squeeze too hard and squirt juice all over the place.

Smacking TV Screen

You can be such a brat. One of the bad things you do is go over to the TV, stand up and bang on the screen. When you first started going over to the TV, we'd say "don't touch" and you wouldn't touch. Now you race over and slam your hands on it. You yelp and laugh and move faster to smack the TV if we tell you not to. You think its pretty fun.

I Love you!


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