Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Officially Started Walking & Climbing On Fire Place

Hi Sweet Baby!

Officially started walking

I think today is the day that you officially started walking. You took 10+ steps on your own several times. Mommy would stand you up and slowly let you go. You did it quite a few times. You were walking to the coffee table from a chair across the room where the cat was sleeping. After getting to the coffee table, you'd drop to your hands and knees and crawl like mad, screaming and laughing all the way, trying to get to the cat. We had to chase you before you got to the cat. You love to go up to her, but she's cranky and could scratch you. We took some video of you walking. Here's a picture of you in action. The quality of the photo isn't that great because it was copied from one of the videos.

Rubber Legs

After walking across the living room several times, you decided it was enough. Your legs turned to rubber. Every time Mommy picked you up and tried to stand you up on your feet, you'd let your rubber legs bend as soon as your feet touched the floor. She was lifting you up and down, and you were letting your rubber legs bend and extend as she lifted you up and down.

Climbing on fire place

You can be such a brat climbing everywhere. Here's a picture of you trying to climb up on the fireplace stove. You do it all the time. We have to pick you up and take you away from it. Needless to say, we don't light the stove until you are in bed for the evening.

I love you wonderful little baby!


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