Sunday, February 20, 2011

Painting a Picture

Hi Little Artist

Today, you wanted to do some painting, so I took out the paints and canvas. I put a clean canvas on the easel for you. You did a really great job painting. I think at one point when I asked you what you were making, you said you were making a baby. Haha... maybe you were painting a picture of your little brother... or sister. Here's a picture of your painting.

After you were done of that one, I took out the painting that you worked on back in January. Back in January, I let you paint that canvas too long. You brushed it so much that your painting turned into a big brown blob. You did a great job adding some colour to it today. Here's a picture of your painting.

You were pretty proud of yourself. Here you are showing your work to Mommy. You were saying “loook mommy.... Look what I made”.

I love you cute baby!

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