Monday, January 24, 2011

Washing Dishes, Don't Push Me, You're in My Way, Piggy Back Ride

Hi Kiddo!

Wassha aaa Ditthesss

So, you helped me wash the dishes tonite. Well, you got in my way, prevented me from washing dishes, and made a mess of the counter, your jammies and the floor, but we had fun. I was washing the dishes, and you came along asking to "wassha aaa hannnds". It started out as a request but typical Emma fashion became more demanding. Soooo, I picked you up and let you splash in the water, and play with the scrubbing brush, etc. After a couple minutes I took you down and told you that you had enough. You sat on the floor and cried and kept screaming "aaaa wass-shaa-handdds". I carried you to the living room and sat with you, but you were still sobbing and screaming your line over and over. I was gonna grab my camera and take a video of you being such a sooky. After a couple minutes of that I gave in and asked you if you would like to help me wash the dishes. You immediately stopped crying ... and sat there looking off into space with such a sad silent look on your face.
So, I got a step stool and pushed it up against the counter. You climbed up right away and began playing and splashing. You said "aaa wassha aaa ditthess".

It wasn't easy, but I continued to wash the dishes around you. You kept grabbing wooden spoons and cups from the washed pile and playing with them in the water. You kept pouring cups of water, sometimes on yourself and all over the floor. There was so much water at one point, I had to move you and clean it up. You were pretty upset that I took you down off the stool... but I spoke to you sternly and told you that I had to clean up your mess that you made and that you could go back when I was done.

Don't Push Me

While I was sopping up your mess, you took a couple casual steps toward me, gave me a little push on my shoulder and stepped back. You did this twice. It was kinda like a spiteful little push. So I reached over and gave you a little push on the shoulder. You responded in a slightly high pitched voice, "dooon pusssh meeee". Its so funny when I head you say something for the first time. I don't even know where you learn these things.

Anyway, you played for a bit longer, and then needed to drink from a cup that you filled from the tap several times, then I pulled the plug. You whined a bit, but were OK.

You're In My Way

I was putting some wood in the fire place when I heard you say "dadddeeee, you're innn myy waaayy". You were on the couch watching Iggle Piggle on In the Night Garden and were cranky that I got in your way. You also said "Iiii cannnntt seeee". Oh, you're a cute one.

Swimming At Nikki's

When we picked you up this evening, Nikki started swinging her arms like she was swimming and asked if I knew what it meant. She said you were running around the house today swinging your arms like you were swimming. I told her that you've been taking swimming lessons and were doing that last night. It all made sense to her then. You silly girl.

Piggy Back Ride

Tonight, and a few other times before, you climbed up onto my back for a piggy back ride. I was sitting on your bed when you did it tonight. You hold on tight around my neck and I stand up, you say "hollddd onnnn". You then went for a ride on Cameron's back.

Popping Open The Child Locks

Yeah, so..... the child proof gadgets on your dresser aren't too Emma-proof. It wasn't long after we put them on (many many months ago), that you figured out how to open them. You either open and close the drawer until it pops, or you pick it with your fingers like you're doing in this picture. You're such a smart baby.

I love you baby girl!

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