Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Swimming Lesson

Hi little baby girl!

First Swimming Lesson

You had your first swimming lesson today at the CARI pool. There were about 10 others in the little pool with their parents. I got in the pool with you and Mommy watched. You sure had lots of fun. You floated on your belly, you floated on your back, you blew bubbles in the water, you jumped into the pool into my arms from your bum and while standing a whole bunch of times. You kicked your feet and splashed water. I even dunked your head under the water a couple times. I told you to close your mouth... I showed you by closing my mouth and then dunking my own head. You did really great.

Few More Words


This morning at breakfast, you were sitting beside Mommy. She said to me “can you get some coffee for me”. You then repeated, “ aaaa gettt aa cofffeeee for mommmeeee”. It was pretty cute. You're always repeating things we say.


Its funny. Sometimes when I put on a pair of comfortable pajama-type pants, you tap the pants on my leg with your finger or hand and say “cuuuuffeeeeee?” or “cuuumffeee?” Now you say it to Mommy too when she puts on pajama pants. You also now say it when you put on comfy pajama pants yourself.

Can't Reach

Tonight at supper, you were trying to get something from me and couldn't reach. You said "iiii cannnnnt reeaaach it". Recently you've also said "iii cannnt dooo it".

I love you baby!

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