Sunday, January 2, 2011

Better Going To Bed, Silly Games and Sooo Smart

Hi Baby Girl!

Better at Going To Bed

You've been better to go to bed lately. A few recent evenings, while we're in the living room, you quietly said to me "time fooo bed".
Tonight and a couple other recent nights, I've been playing with you in your room. I just shut the light off and layed down with you and read a book to you. After a quick story, you'd drift off to sleep.

Silly Games

You still like to be silly when we're laying in bed. The latest game is when we're laying down, we're facing each other. We close our eyes, and then start to squint and open them to look at each other. You then crack up laughing... and it makes me laugh. We do it a couple times. Then I say, OK, that's enough, lets go to sleep. Tonight after a few laughs, you looked at me and said "nuffff ??"

So Smart

You're so smart. Its amazing. You know what everything is and you're getting better every day at being able to say it. You notice the funniest things. We were shopping at the grocery store a few weeks ago. You were pointing and saying "snowman". You were pointing at a couple big snowmen, on display in the store. They were way up high, where most people, like me, don't see.
We were watching one of your Treehouse Channel TV shows, Max and Ruby today. While the characters were playing inside, in the background, you could see through a small window that it appeared to be raining outside. You pointed and said "itt rainnning".

We were at a grocery store tonight. You were in the cart, and were pointing towards the bananas and started saying something. I wasn't sure what you were saying. You were getting upset... you really wanted something. I finally figured out that you were saying "birdie... aa touch it". In behind the bananas, there were a few trees and things, and a strange looking foam white bird with a white cotton fur on the outside of it. You wanted it. I picked it up out of the display and brought it over to you. You smiled and had a look at it... then I put it back. It was another one of those things when I didn't even notice the display or the birds.

You Recognize Emotion in Pictures

You are sooo smart. When I'm reading books to you, you point at the illustration and describe the emotion. You point at a happy face and say "happpppy", or point at a sad face and say "saddd", or say "kyyyying" if someone is crying. You point at the obvious parent, whether its a human, a cat, a dog or a turtle, and say "the mommy" or "the daddy".

I love you brilliant baby!

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