Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dancing to Elmo's Song and Beebeee In Belly

Hi Wonderful Baby!

Dancing to Elmo's Song

When we were playing in your bedroom tonight, you walked over to your dresser and started reaching for the stereo on your dresser. You were trying to reach the buttons and were saying "Eeelmo ... sonng .... la la". There is a Sesame Street CD in there that we play for you. You wanted to listen to Elmo's Song. When I started it, you came over to me and said "cmmon... dessse", grabbed my hands and started to dance with me. We held hands and danced around in circles. Several times, you would let go of one hand and twirl. You're so funny.

Beebeee In Belly

When we were laying in your bed, trying to get you to sleep, you lifted your shirt up, tapped your belly with your finger, and said "beebeee .... in belly". I said nooooooo, there's a baby in Mommy's belly. Then you responded with one of your adorable repeating questions... " a Mommeeees bellly?".

I love you!

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