Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Hi baby!

When your cousin Noah was born just before Christmas in 1999 I gave him an ornament for Christmas and gave him an ornament every year since. I gave Benjamin an ornament every year since he was born a couple years after Noah. Then in 2008, I gave one to Jenna ... and of course, I gave one too you to my sweet baby.

Christmas 2008 - Your First Christmas

This is the first ornament that I made for you. I bought it as a plain wooden ornament and I painted it.

Grammie gave this to ornament you.

Grammie also gave you this ornament. It has a baby picture of you in it.

We think that Mommy's cousin Carrie gave this ornament to you when you were born.

Christmas 2009 - Your Second Christmas

This is the ornament that I made for you. I made it out of polymer clay. It hardened when I baked it in the oven.

Grammie gave you this ornament.

Grammie gave you this ornament too.

Christmas 2010 - Your Third Christmas

This is the ornament that I made for you. Its a cute penguin made from polymer clay.
I sure do love you baby girl!

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