Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Skate, Knowing Your Numbers & Colours

Hi Little Cute Baby!


We took you skating for the first time today. Well, Mommy and I didn't skate this time. We decided to just wear sneakers so we could hold you up more easily. It was a special skate organized by the Engineers Association. There was hot chocolate, candy and Santa Claus was there. You got your picture taken with Santa a few times. You sure loved skating. You cried and fussed when it was time to get off the ice.

Here’s a picture of you with Santa Claus.

Here’s a picture of you skating.

Knowing Your Numbers

You are getting good at knowing your numbers. You know your numbers 1 through 10, but you can't say them start to finish yet. We'll start you off and you'll say a number or two, then we say another number and you keep going with another one or two. Sometimes you get the order messed up, or you just keep saying the same number over and over.

Christmas Lights and Knowing Your Colours

You know some of the colours but you can't really identify the right colours by sight yet. You say gweeeen, lelllow, redddd, bluue, orrrange but when you're pointing at a colour, you rarely say the right colour. You like the christmas lights. You go over to the tree and touch them. I try to get you to say the colours. Every time we walk by the bush out front, you want to touch the lights... you reach for them and say "aaa touuush ittt".

Bye House, Bye Lights

This evening, when we were leaving in the van, you were saying "byyyye houssssse ... buyyye lights". The were saying goodbye to the christmas lights on the outside of the house.

I love you cute baby!

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