Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Daddeee and Rub Toes

Hi Princess!

You are so amazing. Every couple of days, I notice that you are talking and understanding more and more. You are speaking more in sentences. You are pointing out things that interest you and you can talk about and describe them. You seem to understand almost everything we say to you.

My Daddeeee!

When I picked you up at Nikki's after work this evening, you ran to me and jumped into my arms with a huge smile on your face. You yelled Daddeeeeee as you jumped to me. When I picked you up, you turned around to Nikki, Sara and Ryan and said very assertively a couple times ... "MY DAAA-DEEE!!!"

Rub Toes

Tonight when we were sitting on the couch, trying to quiet down before bed, you layed down on your back, pointed your foot to me and said "aa rub aa toessss". You sure are Mommy's girl :)

Want Daddee to Lay Down With You

After letting you play and watch TV in the living room for a while, you agreed to go to bed. Lately its strange for you to agree to go to bed. I think we've already told you that you now go to sleep in your own bed. We have to lay down with you most nights though. For the last little while, its been hard to get you to go to sleep. You don't want to go to bed. When we say its time for bed, you say "Noo" and go on about your business. When we get you in to bed, you fight us and try to climb out of bed, yelling "coussssh" or "Teeeveeee".
Right now, you only want Daddeee to lay down with you. I'm not sure why, but its OK. Hopefully you will let Mommmee lay down with you some day.

I Tired Too

Tonight when we were laying in bed, I said, "I'm tired"... you replied by saying "I tired too". It was pretty cute. I said nite nite emma... and you replied with a cute "niittte niitte dadddee". You're so sweet.

Criss Cross & Round and Round the Garden

While we were laying in bed, you started saying "cisss coss". I didn't know what you were saying so I got you to repeat it a couple times. I finally figured it out what you wanted. You were laying on your belly and wanted me to rub your back like Mommy does. She plays a game with you where she rubs your back. She says "criss cross apple sauce, spiders crawling up your back, tight squeeze, cool breeze, now you got the shivers" ... she finishes it by tickling your back. Next you said "round and round" you wanted me to play another game which is "round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step, tickle under there" ... finishing by tickling your neck. Each time I do it. You snicker, and smile and then said "gennnn" asking me to do it again.

I love you wonderful baby!

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