Friday, January 21, 2011

Snuggly Baby and Playing Hide & Seek

Hi Wonderful Baby!

Cute Snuggly Baby

This morning when I was in the kitchen getting some breakfast ready, you stumbled out to see me. Usually we have to drag you out of bed. You were looking cute standing there in your jammies. I picked you up and you put your arms around me and layed your head on my shoulder. You’re so cute and snuggly.

Snuggling At Breakfast & Daaaat Clossssse

This morning, like many mornings, you were tired an lazy and just want to sit on my knee at the table. You refuse to sit in your own chair. Oh yeah, on that topic, you haven’t sat in your high chair in a long time. You sit in a regular chair. You haven’t fallen out yet, but we watch you pretty closely. You like to climb up onto the chairs.
Anyway, its pretty cute. You sit on my knee and snuggle your head in to my chest. We shared some toast and mini-wheats. You were calling them mini meeets. When we were done, I was trying to close up the box of cereal but it was hard because I was holding you up on my knee. While I was closing the box, it slipped from my hand. I reached down quickly and grabbed it before it fell. You said “daaaat closssssse” ..... it was cute. You amaze me with the things you know and the things you can say.

Hide & Seek

Tonight Mommy and I played hide and seek with you. You had lots of fun. You stood in the living room and covered your eyes and counted “feee fooor twwooo feee fooor...”

I ran and hid under the comforter on your bed. You found me right away. Then I counted while you went and hid in your bedroom. I ran and found you on the bed. You screamed when I found you.

We took turns finding each other. Mommy played too. She hid in your closet and you had a hard time finding her until I pointed you towards the closet. You then thought the closet was a really good idea. You kept going in there an closing the door. Here you are after one of the times I found you in the closet.


When I was laying down with you at bedtime tonight, you decided you wanted you’re “my little pony”. You have two little ones and one bigger one. You said “ponnieeee” in a bit of a sooky voice. I just wanted you to go to sleep so I said I didn’t know where your ponies were. You pointed beside the bed and said “right - daaarrr - onnn - daaa - flooor”. Actually, that’s where your smaller ponies were the last time I saw them. After you said that a couple times, I asked “where”, and you replied with “dowwnn - darrrr” while pointing to the floor beside you. I got up and picked up your two small ponies. You were happy to get them.

Cover Up

While we were laying in bed, you sat up and reached for the comforter at the end of the bed and said “coverr up”. So, I grabbed the comforter and pulled it up over us both. You then snuggled in close.

I love you sweet baby!

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