Saturday, January 8, 2011

Few Updates

Hi Baby Girl!

Impressive Talking

One day this week when I picked you up, Nikki said she’s amazed at sentences you can put together. You said “I dooon liiikke that”. You say that, and “I liiike that” a lot at home. She was impressed that you could say so many words in a sentence. You are our smart baby.

Emma Tired

You've been pretty good to go to bed lately. You willingly go in, but you sometimes don't settle and then get up again. When I'm laying down with you, I sometimes say, "Daddy's tired" ... you sometimes reply by saying "Emma tired too" or "I tired too" it a soft cute voice.

More often than being good, you can be a brat. When we ask you if you want to go to bed, you give us a definate "no". When I'm laying down with you, you want me to read you books. You crawl out of bed to pick out books. You get up and go out to the living room. You do everything except for going to bed.

Stuck Under Chair

At the moment, as I’m typing this, you are under a kitchen chair, saying “iiii stuckk” I snapped a picture before I helped you out. You’ve been playing under the table this afternoon. You were under there with your pink Dora blankie. I guess you were making a fort. Speaking of blankie and fort.....


Yes, you still love your pink Dora yangggie! You carry it around.... it goes to Nikki’s with you... You take it when you leave ... It sits on you in your car seat .. You sleep with it ... and you usually ask for it, after you settle in to our bed around 5 am every morning, and Daddy or Mommy has to go up and get it for you.

Fooo - watttt

Haha... When we asked you if you were making a fort under the table, you repeated ... “fooo - watttt”. It made me laugh. You also call a fork a “fooo - wakkk”. Haha.. You’re so cute.

Supper Ready?

As I’m typing, Mommy is cooking supper on the stove. After I freed you from under the chair, you walked over and asked Mommy... “ aaa supppper readdy?”. It made me laugh. Its so cute. You crack me up. You constantly amaze me with all the new things you say.

Washhh aaaa Hannnds

Quite often you want to wash your hands. Its usually when we’re washing our hands or washing the dishes. You come up to us and say “aaa wasssh aa hannnds”. You say sometimes will say it over and over... and sometimes in a sooky voice. I roll up your sleeves, pick you up, lean your belly on the edge of the sink, and turn the water on. You play with the water, try to turn the taps on faster, etc. Then I take you down, dry your hands and send you on your way.

I love you sweet baby!

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