Monday, January 10, 2011

Catching Football, Lotsa Talking, I Love You

Hi Sweet Baby Girl!

I Love You

You now say I love you. On the weekend, you were wearing your I love mommy bib. We told you what it said, and you said “I love Mommy” over and over. Tonight when we were laying in bed, I told you I love you ... and you said “nite nite .... daddeee .... I love you”. Such a sweet girl.

Dooont Doooo Thattt

It was just you and me in the van on the way home tonight. You were making noise and I was making noise too. When I made a noise, you would scream and yell even louder. When it got too loud, we stopped. After a couple minutes of quiet I started making weird noises again. You let me know that I was bothering you by saying “Daaaa aaaaa deeee”. Then you said in a stern voice a couple times “dooont doooo thatttt ........ doooont dooo thatttt ..... Toooooo louuuud”. Haha... you’re so cute.

Cammmennn ... Come Heeaaa .... Layy Down

After supper, you were running around everywhere playing and having fun. You came into the living room and layed down in your Dora bed/couch. You crawled under the blanket and snuggled in. You yelled to Cameron ... “Cammmmennn ... come - heeaaa .... Lay downnn” So he came over and layed down on your couch with you. You then said “covvver” telling him to cover up with your blanket. Here's a picture of you and Cameron. You’re pretty cute.

You Know Everyone In Pictures

Before bed, you wanted to look at pictures on the computer. We looked at one picture of a whole bunch of us at Old Nanny’s 90th birthday party. There was Emma, Daddy, Mommy, Jenna, Ben, Noah, Christa, Grammie and Old Nanny. You named every person in the picture. You’re so smart.

Catching & Throwing a Football

This evening, we were playing with a soft toy football. We taught you how to catch. You did so great catching the ball. You were so proud of yourself smiling when we cheered. You also threw the ball to me, Brenna and Cameron. You reached down low, the sprang up throwing the ball up in the air. You were really good at throwing too. Here's picture of you looking very proud of yourself after you just caught the football.

I love you baby girl!

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