Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aaah Byyaah Mysefff, Drawing, and Lots of Words

Hi Smart Baby!

Its amazing how smart you are. Nikki still continues to say how amazed she is with how smart you are. You just seem to be talking more and more every day. Last Saturday, you spent the day with Grumpy. When you came home I was amazed at how much more you were saying and how much further advanced your body language was just after being away for the day.

Aaah Byyaah Mysefff

For the last couple days, you've been saying this. It started out as you being proud of your self for doing something like climbing up into a chair, or climbing out of a chair. You'd say an excited "aaaa byyaah mysefff". Then you sometimes day "I didddd itttt!" Now you're starting to say it in a stern or angry way if we try to help you do something. Tonight while I was laying down in bed with you, you decided that you needed socks on. I got up and got you a pair of socks and tried to put them on you. You stopped me with your hands and a stern "Aaaah byyaaah mysefff!!" Each time I tried to help you, you would push my hands away and say "nooooo daddeeee! aaah byyaah myseff!" I finally got a sock from you, and showed you how to put both of your thumbs in and stretch it out, and pull it over your toes. You tried a few times but didn't get it. So then I demonstrated by pulling a sock over your toes. You tried... and let me help a little, and you did it. You said an excited "Iii didddd ittt!"


You still love colouring with crayons and your markers. You say "aaaah colourrrr" when you want to colour.

Drawing House, Kittie, Puppie, Moon

You love scribbling on with crayons, pens and pencils. You're so cute. You'll scribble a bit and then point to what you had drawn and say "Emma maaka puppie". You also make a house a kittie, a moon... and even a door. If you don't announce it, I'll ask you... what's that. You'll reply with one of the above ... a kittie, a moon.

Lots of Words and Sentences

I think you pretty much understand everything we say to you. You say many things now, and your vocabulary gets larger every day. You say things like ....
- ovver deaaaar
- riiiight deaaaar
- I doooon wannt to
- I dooon likeee-it
- aaah washaaa hannds
- uuughhhh haaavveeee (while straining and lifting something)
- aaaah brusssha teeeeeth
- aaah reeeeeeeeed-dit (asking us to read a book)
- aaah hooood-dup (when you want your jacket hood up)

Gooooo! Snow!

Tonight when we picked you up at Nikki's, it was kinda windy and snowy and cold. While I was buckling you in, the wind blowing in on you. Several times, with you elbow on the seat arm rest, and your hand up, you pointed your finger outside and said "Goooo! Snowww!". You're a funny girl.

Aaaah Wasshaa Hannds

You've been saying this a lot lately. At least once a day, you want to waassha hannds. I lift you up to a sink and let you play. Sometimes I put a bit of water in the sink to let you play. Sometimes you just play with the running water. You even grab the soap sometimes. On the weekend, to keep you occupied, she put a step stool up to the kitchen sink. You were able to climb up and stand there while you wasssha your hannds. That may have been a mistake, because you grab the stool every time you see it and struggle and strain to carry it to a sink.

Goooo Dattt Way

Its funny, lately when we're driving, you'll point in a direction and say "goooo dattt wayyy!"

Know Your Books

You love us to read books to you. I'm amazed at how well you know your books now. When we read your books to you, you are always pointing out things in the pictures and saying what it is.

When we read your Franklin book to you, point to Franklin or others when they seem happy, and you say happpeee or aaah lafffffin. You point to his mother and say aah mommmeee.

Tonight when I picked up your "Mamma's Right Here Book" you said "Aaah mamma heeeyah" I was impressed because I don't think that book has been read to you in quite a while.

Tonight you brought your Tommy the Tugboat to Brenna and said Aaaah Tommmmeeee. You pointed out lots of things like saying "sad" or "happy" or "broken" when the bridge was broken, etc. You're so darn smart.

I love you brilliant baby!!

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