Sunday, January 23, 2011

Musical Baby

Hi Baby!

You're quite a musical baby. I think you will be quite musically talented when you get older.

Humming and Singing

I hear you humming and signing quietly a lot. I notice it sometimes when you're off playing or doing something. I'll ask you "are you singing?" ... and you reply by nodding your head or saying "yep".

Drumming and Piano

I already told you before about your love for drums and the piano. There have been a few times when you see us with wooden spoons or sticks and you you want them.... we're trying to put them away and you are whining "drummm ... drummmm".

Singing Tonight

Tonight when we were playing in your bedroom, you were singing into the microphone of your kittie keyboard. You stick the microphone right up to your mouth and just make noises. You were even singing "twinkle twinkle little star". Its kinda cute and funny. I took a couple videos of it. Here's a photo of you singing.


You like playing the flute too. Your flute is actually a the plastic handle from a toy mop. You call it "myyy fluuuuute". You walk around the house playing it and making musical noise. I think you learned to like the flute when you're playing with Brenna. She plays flute.


You also like playing with my guitar. You climb up on the ledge behind the couch to play with the strings. You usually play the strings a little rough. I say "gentle.. play softly" .. you then rub the strings gently and say "naaacccce .... niiiiceeee". You learned that from us. I can remember back many months ago, maybe even before you were one year old, when were were teaching you to be nice... if you were rough with us or hit us a little hard ... we would correct you by saying "nice daddy" or "nice mommy" while we rubbing our face, arm, etc. You would follow by rubbing either of us gently saying "naaaaaceee ... niicccce". You now do it when we tell you to be gentle with something. Here's a picture of you up by my guitar.

I sometimes bring the guitar down and let you strum the strings. Its hard for you to keep being gentle.... you often strum the strings pretty hard.

I luv u baby!

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