Monday, March 14, 2011

Helping Daddy and Lots Of Talking

Hi Cute Baby Girl!

Helping Daddy
I was working on installing the last laminate floor in our house yesterday. I finished it up this evening. You enjoyed helping me out … you love working with your Daddy. You did a bit of hammering with my rubber hammer … you sanded a piece of baseboard.


I put all my nails in a plastic cup. While I was putting the baseboard back on, you took the cup and dumped the nails on the floor, then cleaned them up… saying “I clean up”. You dumped them a couple more times and picked them up again.

Cup Holder
This evening, when I picked you up, you were looking for the cup holder on your car seat. The car seat in the van has a cup holder, but there isn’t one in the car. You something like “I cannt find my cuppp hoder”.

That’s My Spot, That’s Mommy’s Car
Brenna was with us in the front seat. You pointed at her seat and said, that’s Brenna’s spot…. You pointed at yourself and said that’s my spot. You pointed at the car door and said “that’s my car” … I poked my chest and said “that’s my car” … you argued with me and said “that’s mommy’s car”.

I Don’t See Him Either
We stopped on the way home at Cameron’s school to pick him up. He wasn’t waiting for us when we got there. You said “I doont see him”. I said I don’t see him … and you replied “I don’t see him either”.
There was a bag or piece of litter on the school steps quite a distance away… about 50 m or so, so it was barely noticeable. It was moving around a bit in the wind. You said “a leaf!! … there’s a leaf on the stairs”.
When Cameron came outside, I said I see him, and you followed by saying “I see him tooo”.

I’m In Your Spot
You grabbed Ernie and your blanket and went in to bed. I covered you up and went to the kitchen to put some more milk in your cup. As I was approaching your bedroom, I heard you laugh. When I peeked in, you were laying on the side of the bed that I lay on, smiled at me and said “I’m in your spot Daddy”.

I Love My Puppy
You sure do love your puppy Jaxon. When he’s not around, you say “where’s my puppy???” Tonight you were saying “I love my puppy”. Earlier in the evening, you wanted to give Jax a treat. You said to him “here Jax … sit down Jax”.

Talking So Much
Again… this is another update saying how amazed we are at how much you can talk. You put sentences together and can say almost anything.

Last week when Mommy picked you up at Nikki’s, you said “Ohhh … Mommy, my yangie is in Nikki’s house … you haffa go get it” Mommy then said “what do you say” .. and you replied “please mommy”.
It’s just so amazing how smart you are.

You are getting so good with counting. Most times you start at five and count to ten. At a furniture store on the weekend, you were counting the steps as you climbed them … you said “five … six … seven … eight … nine … ten”

Singing & Playing With Devon
Devon played with you for a while in your bedroom. He was playing your drum and you were playing with your toy guitar. You were turning in circles and singing loudly. You weren’t really saying any words … just yelling “La La La ….. La La La”. I took a video.
Part way through the video, you bow, with the guitar hanging off your neck and say a quiet “thank you”.

Emma Devon Singing

I love you baby!

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