Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ernie & Walking Around Walmart

Hi Silly Baby
We went toWalmart to get a few things this evening. You wanted to walk, so I let you. It was hard to keep you moving because you were so distracted by all the stuff on the shelves. You walked over to the Easter candy shelves and said “woooowwww” and “oooooooooh”, grabbed a bag of chocolate eggs and said “mmmm…. Choccc-letttt”. Each time we got you away from something, you’d find something else on another shelf. Chocolate is your favourite, but you like chips and other stuff too …. You were walking by some chips on the end of an aisle and said “ooohhh chipps”. After we got you moving, you did OK.
When we heading for the checkout, I was carrying you. As we walked past the end of an aisle, you said “Errrnieeee!” Since it was a candy aisle, I stopped and backed up to see what you were talking about. On a shelf at about the height of my elbow, I saw the top of a black fuzzy head. It was an Ernie teddy laying on top of some candy. I was so amazed that you saw him at all, and really amazed that you knew it was Ernie. All you could see was the hair on the top of his head and you only would have been able to see that for a quick second as we walked by. I got him for you and you grabbed on to him and wouldn’t let go … so we bought him for you. You wouldn’t let him go. You even cried a devastated cry when I took him away from you for a second so that the cashier could scan the price tag.
I love you little baby!

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