Monday, March 21, 2011

Few Updates

Hi Little Girl!

I Can’t Lift Mine

On the way home this evening in the van, I had my hand on the armrest attached to my seat. I was fidgeting with it and moving it up and down. I then heard you grunting behind me. I looked back and you had your hand on the armrest of your car seat (which actually looks kinda like the arm rests on our seats)… and you were trying to lift it up like me. You were saying “uhhhhgghhh .. urrrrrrr … I can’t lift mine”.


A little while later, you were saying “akkkkseattts … akkkksseattts ?” I was wondering what you were saying. I asked you what a couple times, and you repeated what you were saying a couple times. I realized that you were asking “where are the backseats?” I had the two back seats beside you stowed in the floor. You were wondering where the seats were. I pointed to the floor and said, they’re in there. You then said “Ohhh, I’ll look for it”.

Emma’s Art

Today at work, I printed off scanned copies of the art you made back around December… the ones you did with your markers. I really like them. I have them up on my wall, beside the photo of you that was taken the day we got yours and Jenna’s photos done at Sears. Every time I look at your picture, I smile. Today, seeing your smiling picture reminded me of yesterday when you and Jenna were eating pizza in the living room … I was taking pictures of you and you stood up and said “cheeeeeeeeeese!!!” with a big smile on your face. Jenna joined in too and we were all saying “cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!”

Toy Room

When I picked you up at Nikki’s today, she said you kept telling her something today but she didn’t know what it was… you were saying you have something. She was trying to get you to tell me, and finally you softly said something … you were saying “I have a toy room”. The new house that we’re moving into has a separate dining room beside the kitchen that we’re planning to make a toy / arts and crafts room for you. I think we’ve told you about it… and you’re obviously pretty excited about it because you keep talking about it.

I love you little girl!

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