Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sure! / Sit On My Back Cameron / I Liiiike It

Hi Cute Girl!

Eating Lettuce

You Mommy and I went out to supper tonight at Pizza Delight. You had chicken nuggets and fries. When you were done, you leaned over to my plate and grabbed a chunk of lettuce from my Caesar salad. We were surprised to see you eat lettuce. You kept grabbing lettuce and croutons, putting them in your mouth and standing up with a smile on your face and saying “yummmmm gooood”.



You kept standing up on the booth seat during supper. At one point, we told you that you have to sit down on your bum… you said “Ohhh sure mommy”. You’ve been saying “sure” lately. When we ask you if you want something, you say “yaaaaah sure” or “okkaay sure”.

Get On My Back Cameron

This evening, Cameron put you on his back and did some pushups. When you got down, you got in a pushup position and said “Get on my back Cameron”. He then pretended to sit on your back.


Taking Your Puffer

You’ve had a cough and a cold for a couple weeks now. Your cough got worse last week so we took you to the doctor. They prescribed a puffer for you. We’ve been giving it to you for a few days now. You used to had when we put the mask over your face, but now you do so great. You take deep breaths just like you’re supposed to.

But you still don’t like it sometimes. On the weekend a couple times, you fought us and said “no pupper”. Tonight after we layed down in bed, I asked you if you wanted to take your puffer.. and you said no. Then I said it would make you feel better.. and you softly asked “make my cough better?” … and I said yeah … then you said you wanted to take it. I gave you two puffs from each of your two puffers. You took great deep breaths … you did so great.

Helping Daddy Work – Iiiiii Liiiiiike It

This evening, I was installing some doorway thresholds … one in the bathroom and one at the deck door. When you realize I’m working, you often want to come and help. Tonight you came over and said “I help you Daddy” … and I said OK … you asked what I was doing and looked at the tools and equipment I had … a big smile came over your face and you said “Iiiiiiii liiiiike it”. You’re so funny. You helped me hold the drill while I drove some screws and drilled some holes. Other times when I’ve been working and you’d come to watch and help, you’ve said “great job Daddy!”.

You’re such a silly girl and I love you sooooo much!

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