Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Update In a While

Poor Sick Baby - Finally Slept Through The Night

You slept all night last night from around 10 PM until after 7 AM. We gave you a bottle, and you went back to sleep with us in our bed until about 10 AM. Whew, we all needed the sleep. You've been sick with a cold and were up pretty much all night the past few nights crying. Your nose is stuffy and you find it hard to breath. You, Mommy and I didn't get much sleep over the past few nights. We took you to the hospital yesterday to get checked out. You have an ear infection. We got some medicine, so we hope you get better soon. The medicine doesn't taste very good, and you scream and fight when we try to give it to you. It's sad, but it will make you better. I think the medicine is helping you already. Oddly, you were waking up a few times through the night for about a week. Maybe your ear infection was coming on for a little while.

You Weigh 21 lbs

Oh yeah, they weighed you at the hospital. You are just over 21 lbs, but you had pants, a t-shirt and diaper on.

Funny Feeding Yourself

You are soooo funny. Mommy and I fed you supper tonight. We gave you a bit of baby food, then gave you some little blocks of cheddar cheese for the first time. Of course you loved it. We finished it off with some peach yogurt. Early into eating the baby food, you took the spoon away from Mommy and started chewing on it. You screamed when she took it back from you, so she gave it back and got another spoon to feed you with. I helped you put some food on your own spoon and let you try to put it in your mouth yourself. Each time you did it, you did your silly squinty smile... you were so proud of yourself. We laughed at you a whole whack... it just made you make more silly smiles.

Brat! Dropping Stuff For Daddy To Pick Up

When you were done eating, you dropped your spoon on the floor, and then leaned over your high chair to look at it. I picked it up and gave it back to you. Then you dropped it again. This time, I left it on the floor. You looked at it, then at me, then looked at the spoon again and wailed a loud scream. You're such a brat :) You kept dropping it. You would squeal each time I didn't pick it up, or if I picked it up and didn't give it to you. You'd also squeal at me if I put my hand under to catch it before you dropped it... and then you wouldn't drop it until I moved my hand.
This morning when you were in your high chair after breakfast I have your colourful plastic chain toy. You played with it for a while, then threw it on the floor. I picked it up and gave it to you. You squealed a few times when I didn't get them for you. I started giving it back to you and I held onto one end. When you dropped it, I was still holding it. This made you mad. After a few times, you yanked it away from me and dropped it off the other side of the chair.

You Clapped Along To Paddy Cake

Today, Mommy had you clapping. She was singing paddy cake and you clapped along. You're such a smart baby.

We Had A Fun Two Days Home Together

Mommy was with Nana at the hospital on thursday and friday because Nana hurt her ankle. You and i spent all day thursday and friday together. You weren't feeling too well and didn't want to sleep. I was tired too so I took you in to our bed. I layed down and put you beside me. You were laying there so contently sucking your thumb and looking at me. You smiled at me, had a small giggle then went back to sucking your thumb. We had a good nap.

On our two days home, we played a lot on the floor. I learned that you like to grab and snuggle soft blankets and things and then suck your thumb. We were playing on the floor in our bedroom. You crawled over to mommy's pink fluffy house coat, grabbed it with your hand, layed your head on it and sucked your thumb. You also do it with the small light fluffy blanket that Grammie gave you when you were born. You cuddled with the fluffy Whinnie the Pooh that we got for you before you were born. You like cuddling with your Pooh bear. You give him kisses on the nose. Its pretty cute.

Here's a picture of us playing on the floor :)

You Might Be Able To Blow Out Your Birthday Candle

On friday, Devon taught you to blow air like you were blowing out a candle. He did it first, then you did it. Later I tried it and you did it too. Maybe you will be able to blow out your birthday candle.

You Said Moooo

You have a couple cow toys. tonight, mommy taught you to say mooo.... she said mooo, and you repeated it.

You sure have lots of fun playing with all your toys. We just keep buying more for you. You'll be so spoiled. You have fun playing with your rubber blocks. The larger ones are Whinnie the Pooh and the smaller ones are Sesame Street.

You Even Like Typing

While I was typing this, you crawled over onto my lap from Mommy's lap. You were screaming and trying to get to the laptop. You always want what you're not supposed to have. You scratched at the keyboard .... see what you wrote below. Somehow you managed to save the file, and close it, and close our internet windows too. Silly girl.

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Kissing Devon Through The Glass

Devon was outside on the step today waiting for his friend to pick him up to play for the afternoon. Mommy was holding you at the door. You were kissing him through the glass. Your mouth was open and you were licking the glass.

Happy Sounds

You make lots of sounds now. Some of them even sound like words. Sometimes it sounds like you say "yeah" at appropriate times. You make happy sounds sometimes, like when you are watching TV. I was holding you in my arms tonight and you were watching the "Toopy and Binoo" show coming on. You made some cute happy sounds like "huuuuu" and "wuuuuuu".
Tonight when the kid show "Big & Small" was on, you were watching intently. You kept crawling over to the TV, pulling yourself up, grabbing the stereo speaker and trying to touch the TV screen.

You are a cute little monster. We love you big bunches!


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