Sunday, October 25, 2009

1st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

Your birthday party was fun. We had the party on Sunday, the day after your actual birthday. Most of the family was there. Nana, Grumpy, Grammie, Alan, Christa, Ben, Noah, Jenna and our neighbor Kaleigh. We all had pizza, then you opened all your great presents. You had so much fun. You ripped the paper off some presents, but mostly tried to eat the paper and card envelopes. Mommy will post some pictures and tell you all about your wonderful presents.

Here is your birthday cake made out of chocolate and white cupcakes. We were gonna get a Whinnie the Pooh theme, but thought this one was cuter. We'll try to save the little teddy bear as a keepsake.

This is Mommy brining you your cake with a candle on it. Everyone was singing happy birthday. You weren't overly excited. I think you were trying to figure out why everyone was singing and mommy was walking towards you with a cake. Needless to say, Add Imageyou didn't blow out your candle... I'm sure you will next year. You started screaming and getting excited after mommy started giving the cupcakes out to the other kids.

You sure had fun devouring your very own cupcake. It was a great first birthday party!

I love you so very much!

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