Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feeding Daddy & Big Girl Taking Medicine

Hi Cute Funny Baby Girl!

Yesterday at supper, you were eating pancakes in your highchair and were sitting between Mommy and me. I was playing around and talking to you. You kept reaching out towards my face as you always do. You had a piece of pancake in your hand, so I ate it out of your hand. You kept picking up pieces and reaching out towards me. I ate a few more from your hand. You were pretty happy and impressed by it. You looked over at Mommy a few times with a big grin on your face. You smiled at me lots too.

You finished taking your antibiotic medicine a couple days ago. I haven't told you that you've been such a big girl. When you first started taking it, you screamed and cried when we gave you your medicine, but you got much better at taking it. We still had to hold your hands and feet, and you turned your head back and forth to get away from it, but you didn't scream and cry. You'd purse your lips together tightly to keep the medicine out of your mouth. But you seemed to have fun with it... you'd kinda grin at us.

I love you cutie pie!

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