Sunday, October 18, 2009

Squeaky Clean....and stuff.

Hey boppy booper,

I have lots of neat things to tell you about!

Arms in your jacket:

The other day, when Daddy and I picked you up at the babysitters, Daddy was holding you while I was putting your jacket on.  I was saying, "Put your arm in..." which I always say, but this time you actually took your arm and put it in your sleeve all by yourself.  You are such a smart girl!!!  You do it everytime we put your shirt or jacket on now!

Driving the van:

Friday night, we were watching Cameron's football game from the van because it was very cold and rainy.  You were tired of sitting in your seat, so Daddy and I took you into the front seat with us.  You LOVE standing up at the steering wheel!!!  Daddy and I took some pictures of you playing with the steering wheel - you were so happy!

Feeding Daddy....NOT:

I think Daddy has told you before about how you started feeding him your supper...  Well, tonight, after you finished eating your supper, I gave you some corn twists to eat.  You really, really LOVE to eat corn twists!  Instead of feeding Daddy corn twists, you were taking them out of his mouth and eating them yourself!  And you would giggle as you did it!  It was really funny:)


Tonight when it was bathtime, Daddy washed you and played with you while Mommy was folding laundry.  When I was all done with the laundry, I came in to wash your hair.  But, by the time I got there, you really wanted to get out of the tub.  You weren't very happy when I wet your hair...and when I turned on the spray to rinse your hair, you screamed and screamed and screamed.  You've liked the sprayer in the past, but tonight you wanted nothing to do with it!  Of course, your hair was all soapy and I needed to rinse it rather than drag it out, I just very quickly sprayed your hair off.  The water was going in your face and eyes and you were super duper mad!!  But, I got it done fast and we pulled you out!  We got your jammer jams on and then you were all better!

Pearly Whites:

After bathtime and jammer jams, we showed Daddy how you know how to brush your teeth.  Daddy hasn't seen you brush them before because you and me have always brushed your teeth while Daddy was at work!  You sure love to brush your teeth and you do a really terrific job!  Daddy took some pictures of you brushing your teeth!

You are such a wonderful creature and Daddy and I love you big giant heaps and bunches!


Love Mama!!

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