Monday, October 12, 2009

Drank Through a Straw

Hi Cute Baby!

You drank from a five-alive juice box through a straw today. At first I was putting the straw in your mouth, then squeezing the box, but you soon learned how to close your lips and drink from it yourself. You drank from a straw several weeks ago.

At a restaurant on the weekend, you were screaming for us to feed you water with a straw. We dipped the straw in a glass of water, put our finger over the top of it to keep it full of water, put it in your mouth and let the water pour out in your mouth. You squealed at us to keep feeding you. You didn't want to try to drink from the straw yourself... you wanted us to keep feeding you.

Tonight at supper, you screamed at me when I was drinking a glass of water... you wanted some. I held it to your lips and you drank some...and spilled lots too. You pushed your face forward so hard the glass left a red ring on your face. I switched you to a plastic cup, then a sippy cup.

A short while ago tonight, you were on the couch with us. You climbed up us to get to the back of the couch. When you got near the top, you stood up on us, bounced up and down and yelled happily.

You were pretty awake. When I tried to put you to bed, you kicked your feet, and instead of laying down, you landed on your feet and then sat on your bum. I took you back out... then mommy put you to bed.... and you went to sleep for her.

You're such a cute baby!

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