Monday, October 5, 2009

Screeches & Kisses

Hi Doodle Bug!

Today, I met you and Mommy for lunch. We had Subway. We gave you roast beef, tomatoes, bread and chocolate chip cookies. You sure do love all food.

Mommy sang paddy cake to you again. You watched her and smiled... and clapped your hands. We didn't even show you how to clap your hands... you just knew. You're such a smart baby.

You fell asleep in your car seat. Its so heart-warming to watch you. Your eyelashes look so pretty. Your nose and lips are so cute. Your face is so soft and perfect. You look like a little angel. You are such a wonderful baby... we love you very much!

I played with you for a while this evening in your bedroom while Mommy was making us supper. She gets to play with you all day long... I love when I get to play with you in the evenings when I get home from work. I was stacking your rubber blocks in front of you while you sat on the floor. You kept knocking the tower over and screeeeeched loudly over and over. I took a few videos of it, but the videos couldn't capture the extent of your piercing screech. You silly little monster.

I took a few photos of us playing together... here's one...

Near bedtime, you gave Mommy and I lots of kisses. Its pretty cute and funny. When we're holding you, we ask for kisses. You turn to us, open your mouth and stick your tongue out slightly as if you are going to lick something. Its funny.... that's how you kiss us.... well, thats how you kiss us on the rare occasion that you don't turn your head away from us when we go to kiss you. You gave us each a bunch of kisses :)

You are so wonderful! You make us very happy! We love you so much!

I love you!


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