Sunday, October 25, 2009

Opening Presents...

Hi Big Baby One-year-old!!

So, Daddy told you all about your wonderful birthday party!  You were such a good-girl baby!!  I'm going to tell you about the part where you opened all of your presents from all your terrific family and friends!!

You were quite enthusiastic about opening presents...but not for the reason you might think!  You loved opening presents so that you could try to eat all the wrapping paper!

Here is what you got for your birthday:

From Nana and Grumpy you got a wonderful's called Songs 'n Smiles Silly Town.  It makes funny sounds and music and has really neat blocks that come with it.  We put it together first and you really like to play with it.

From Aunt Christa you got a great-big, lonnnng CaterSpeller!  It's a caterpillar with all the letters of the alphabet!  It looks really great in your room!

From Kaleigh you got an awesome purple Dora zip-up blanket, a shirt, and a baby wearing a bumble bee costume.  Jenna really, really liked the Bumble, we let her play with it.

Grammie gave you a really nice baby and a very pretty purple outfit and some money, too!  She also got you a nice book called Love You Forever.  She wrote on the inside of it for you.  I hope you will have it forever.

From Cameron, Brenna and Devon you got a really neat Laugh 'n Learn Purse.  It makes music and sounds and it came with toy lipstick, keys, a bracelet and play money inside.  You really like it.

Daddy and I got you a play table.  It plays music and makes sounds and you love it.  When Daddy put batteries in it for you, you stood up and danced to the music it made.

Old Nanny gave you a really nice card with money in it.  She wanted you to get something you need with it.  Maybe Daddy and I will put it in a bank account for you...since you don't really need anything right now.

Our neighbors, Steve and Margaret, and their daughter Abby couldn't make it to the party but they gave you a really nice pink outfit for a present.  That was really nice of them!

Your cousins Noah and Ben made you homemade cards.  Ben was especially proud to give you his (he made two).  I think you liked them a lot...because you tried to eat them!!!

You sure did get a lot of presents for your birthday.  You are a very lucky little baby.

I love you big giant bunches and whacks!!

Muah.  xoxoxo.

Love Mama

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