Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Cute Things You Do!

Hi Doodle Doo Bopper!

I'm just writing a short note to tell you about a few cute things you do.

Yesterday, you were sitting in your high chair. I gave you your sippy cup with milk in it after you had eaten. You tried to drink a bit, then played with it for a while. The cute and funny thing you do is you fling it or drop it on the floor ... you actually do this with many things... well except food :) I picked up your sippy cup and put it back on your high chair table. You grabbed it and threw it on the floor again. We went through this quite a few times over and over. The cute and funny thing you do is when you drop it, you immediately hang over the side of the chair, looking at the sippy cup on the floor ... as if to say ... "aaawwww, I dropped it... Daddy can you pick it up" You're so cute!

Speaking of food... you love food so much. You love all food. When we give you pieces of food like cereal, cheeze, cheezies, etc.... you use both hands, putting the pieces in your mouth one after the other, alternating hands. Then you scream for more... even when you aren't hungry. I think its just a game to you :) We're trying to get you to stop screaming for food. Its cute for a while, but we don't want you to do it all the time.

Yesterday when I got home from work, you and mommy were having a nap in our bed. You both woke when I came in. You were warm, sweaty and your hair was all messy :) I snuggled in with both of you. I tried to give you a kiss, and you turned your head away from me just when I was about to kiss you. You do this to Mommy and I pretty often. You always seem to have a smirk on your face... like you're being bad. This time, in addition to smirking, you giggled as you turned your head away. You little monkey... you got a good kick out of avoiding my affectionate kiss.

Yesterday, while I was at work I was talking to Mommy on the phone. She put the phone to your ear and I talked to you. You didn't say anything, but Mommy said you looked excited. When she took the phone back, you screamed for Mommy to give the phone back. She put the phone back to your ear for a minute, then took it away again... you screamed again... she did that a few times, and you screamed each time. Also, while I was talking to you, Mommy was talking to you... saying "whooos that" "is that Daddy... ", etc. Then she said, "give Daddy kisses".. and she said you kissed the phone. Awwww... such a sweet baby!

You are such a cute little baby girl! I love playing with you and watching you experience the world! I love you soooo much!


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