Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Entry by Daddy

Hiya there cute Doo-Bopper!

Mommy and I were planning to create some kind of electronic journal for you for a while ... so mommy set this up. Like mommy told you, we've been keeping a written journal to tell you about all the cute things you do and to tell you how much we love you. We're on our second book now. We left a bunch of blank pages at the front of the first book. I've been planning to go back, paste in some photos, and write some journal entries from the early days when you were still in mommy's belly. We'll still write some notes in the written journal, but we'll do most of the writing here. Awwww, typing is so much easier... and neater :)

Halloween Costume

We got you a costume at Old Navy this evening. We got you a cute skunk costume... you're a little stinker. We were planning to get you a dalmation puppy costume (because you sometimes bark and yap like a puppy), and I've been going to the store every day this week, because they were supposed to get some in. They didn't have any tonight, so we decided to go with the skunk. I got a kitty and a monkey costume earlier this week ... just in case they all sold out ... but we'll be going with the cute skunk :)

Squealing & Growling For Food / Taste-Testing With Your Tongue

We had supper at Wendy's. You caught sight of the fries behind the counter when we were waiting for our order and began to quietly growl. You're such a growly growler. When we sat down to eat, you began to growl and scream louder. We kept feeding you pieces of fries. We had to keep everything out of your reach because you claw at everything within your reach. Mommy was feeding you icecream too. It made me think of something funny that you do. You really love food, but don't looooovvve some foods as much as others. Sometimes when we try to put something in your mouth, you stick out your tongue to taste whatever it is before allowing it into your mouth... its pretty funny.

Crawling / Getting Into Everything / Standing & Trying To Climb

We got home pretty late this evening. After a short nap in the van, you were wound up at home. You were crawling around everywhere. Its cute to watch you crawl. You scoot around on your belly. You pull with your hands and kick with your feet.
Anyway, you were trying to get into everything. I sat on the living room floor with you. You pulled yourself up to stand at the couch. Then you tried to climb up onto it to get some toys, but you couldn't make it up. You stood up many times holding onto your sit-on car. The plastic wheels slide around on the laminate floor, so I had to hold it for you. You still don't have the balance to stand up. You wobble and fall on your butt. You are doing a pretty good job of staying upright when you are holding onto something solid. You get brave and reach with one hand to grab me or other things.

Crawling Away Frantically When Chased

You were doing it again... crawling frantically away from me when I chase you. While you were crawling along the floor, I'd say "where are you going" or "get back here". You look over your shoulder and smile... then take off crawling faster and breathing frantically. You're pretty cute.

Ticklish Feet

I tickled your feet tonight. You are pretty ticklish. You were smiling, and giggling and trying to get away from me.

We hope, that when you are older, you will really enjoy reading everything that we wrote about you. We'll print these online journal entries and put them in a binder for you too. With this online journal, your Nana, Grumpy, Grammie, brothers, sisters, aunt and uncle will be able to read the entries and keep informed about what you are doing.

You are a sweet beautiful baby. I love you very much!

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