Thursday, September 24, 2009

First time at the baby sitter's!

Hi Bopper Boodle!

This has been a very special week!  On Tuesday afternoon, I left you at Nikki's (your babysitter) all by yourself for the very first time!  I was nervous to leave you, but you were such a good girl baby!  I took you inside and stayed for just a few minutes while you settled in and played with the other kids.  Then, even though it was very hard for me and I was very nervous, I waved goodbye and left you.  You didn't even seem to mind at played happily and crawled around exploring and looking at all the new and interesting toys.  But, still, it was very hard for Mama and I cried when I left you.  But, I was so proud of you when I picked you up.  Nikki said you were such a wonderful girl - you had a big lunch and when I picked you up, you were sitting up in the highchair eating chocolate cake!  I was so super happy to see you!

Here you are sitting on the floor at Nikki's when we arrived:

Here you are looking at your new friend Ryan (Nikki's little boy):

And, here you are playing with your new friend Sara (Nikki's little girl) after she took your Pooh Bear and your milk! (you didn't mind!):

I took you back to Nikki's today and it was much easier - I didn't even cry!  You seemed a little shy when I took you out of the van, but Nikki's puppies were playing outside and when you saw them you giggled - I knew then that you would be fine!  I took you inside and set you on the floor and right away you started exploring again, so I only stayed a moment before giving you kisses and saying goodbye.  Again, when I picked you up, you were sitting happily in the highchair, this time eating cookies!  You sure LOVE to eat!  Nikki said that both days she was amazed at how much you ate:)  Today she gave you hotdogs (your first time eating them) and smiley fries...  The puppies waited for you to drop some on the floor so they could have a bite....but you gobbled them all up!  You're such a good eater.

Oh - here's something new that you learned that we forgot to tell you about:  you learned to clap your hands!  The first time you did it was last Saturday.  You and Devon and I were waiting in the van while Daddy was in Wal-Mart...  I was clapping and singing to you and you started clapping!  You've been doing it ever since.  We will say "Yayyyyy" and clap our hands and then you will clap your hands.  It is so cute!

You are at such a great age now!  So curious about everything around you and so interactive.  You love when someone sits down and plays with you and you love to show off when you know someone is paying attention to you!

I love you so much.  You are so smart and so beautiful.  Your eyes are still so blue and your hair is the most beautiful's not brown, not blonde and not red...but somehow it's all of those colors at once.  And, it's getting so long and even a little bit curly.

Muah!  Kisses and hugs!  (Oh yeah - you're so funny when we try to get kisses from you!  Daddy will tell you the funny things you do when we try to kiss you!)


Love,  Mama

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