Friday, September 11, 2009

The very first entry...of many!

Well, Emma Doodle Doo...  This is it - your blog!  Daddy and I have been keeping paper journals for you, but we decided that this would be an easier, quicker way to write down all the things we want to tell you.  I really hope when you are bigger, you will enjoy reading all the things we write to you!

Already today, you have done something new!  You are such a smart and good girl:)  The last couple of nights while I have been changing your diaper or putting your jammer jams on, you have been playing with your hair brush.  Well...chewing on it mostly.  I would take it out of your hands and brush your hair with it while saying, "Brush your hair, Emma...Let's brush your hair."  This morning, you and I were playing with your toys in your room and you found your brush.  You picked it up and were about to put it in your mouth.  I said, "Brush your hair, Emma..."  And, low and behold, you lifted the brush up to your hair and brushed!!  What a smart girl you are!!  (You then promptly returned the brush to your mouth, but still!)

You are napping now and I must return to my chores....  Yawn!

I love you, sweet baby!


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