Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boogada Boogada!

Hi Emma Doodle!

I played with you for a while tonight. You were pretty cute playing in your room. You pulled yourself up to stand at your toy box. You held on with one hand and pulled toys out with your other hand, taking them out and dropping them on the floor. You looked so cute.

You were kinda tired and sucking your thumb. I was sitting on the floor with you on my lap. You sucked your thumb and cuddled in to my chest. I pulled your Whinnie the Pooh bear up to you and you snuggled into it. You looked pretty cute. Your bear is so soft and cuddly. Mommy says you give him hugs every day. That was the first bear that we got you... we got it before you were even born.... its pretty special.

I played with you in our room too. I put you on our bed, then I duck down beside the bed out of sight. I then pop up and 'boogada boogada". It makes you laugh.

You are a special little girl. I love you big bunches!

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