Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quit waking up at night!

You silly little monster!

Last night Daddy and I went out for the evening and Brenna baby sat you.  You didn't want Brenna to put you to bed, but eventually you went to sleep and you were in your bed, snug as could be, when we got home.

You have been waking up in the middle of the night for the past week or so...and last night was no different.  Daddy and I stayed up late watching TV (and reading).  We went to bed around 2 am...and you woke up just as we climbed into bed!!!  I went and got you out of your bed while Daddy went and made your bottle.

You layed in between us drinking your bottle with your eyes closed.  But, even though you were mostly sleeping, you were still being silly.  First, you were helping me hold your bottle and you started twisting it around in circles.  Then Daddy took over holding your bottle and you started whacking your arms and feet.  You kept hitting me in the face!!  Ouch!  I finally had to turn my back to you so that you weren't hitting me:)

It didn't take you long at all to finish your bottle....and when you were finished I scooped you up and put you back in your bed.  You woke another time or two in the middle of the night but went back to sleep without us having to get you.

It sure is hard to have a good night's sleep when you wake up lots.  I hope you go back to sleeping all night soon!

Love you bunches and whacks!!

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  1. You sure are a good girl baby. It's after 9 and you're still sleeping. You woke up at 6:30 for your bottle and went right back to bed! xoxoxo