Friday, September 18, 2009

A special visit! (Etc.)

Hi silliest silly sillier!

Guess what?  Yesterday I took you for a very special visit...  We went to see the woman who will be your every day baby sitter when I go back to work in just a little more than four weeks.  Her name is Nikki and I know that she is going to take very good care of you!  It will be really hard for me to leave you every day, but I know you will do great and you will be such a good girl baby for Nikki.

When we visited yesterday you had a very fun time.  There were bunches and bunches of interesting toys to play with and you crawled around exploring everything.  There are also lots of other babies and kids to play with, too!  Nikki has a little girl named Sara, who is only 4 months older than you.  She has a soother and you really liked taking it out of her mouth and trying to put it in your mouth.  I would take it from you and give it back to her and you would take it right back out of her mouth!  Nikki also has a little boy named Ryan who is 4 years old and he sure does love to play with you!  There are some other babies and kids there, too, that Nikki babysits.  I will be taking you back there next week for a couple of afternoons...just so you can slowly get used to be baby sat.  I hope you don't miss me...too much:)

Today I took you to Nana's and she baby sat you for a few hours while I ran some errands.  When I went to pick you up, you were in your high chair eating your lunch.  You are such a good eater!  You had baby food, a whole bunch of corn twists and 1/2 an orange...  I brought cinnamon rolls and as soon as you saw them, you screamed for some!  Nana shared one with you and, of course, you loved it!!

For supper this evening, Daddy and I took you to Pizza Delight.  You had such fun:)  There was another little boy baby there who was just a little bit older than you.  He was sitting across from us and every now and then he would make a growly sound....and then you would turn and look at him and growl back.  It was very cute and made everyone laugh watching the two of you scream and growl back and forth.

Another thing that you did at supper was start waving at a man.  He waved back at you and then you continued to wave at him for a very long time...even when he wasn't even looking at you anymore.  Usually, you just wave your hand a little by twisting it back and forth...but at Pizza Delight you were waving heartily with your whole arm.  It was very cute.

After supper, we went to watch Cameron's football game.  It was very windy and cold and you didn't like me trying to hold a blanket over you...  Daddy and I decided to take you to Nana and Grumpy's again so they could watch you for the last half of the football game.  You were laying on top of Nana drinking your bottle when we picked you up.  When we were leaving you impressed Nana with your new wave!

You are such a good girl baby.  You impress and entertain everyone!  We all love you whole big whacks and bunches!!!!

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