Sunday, September 20, 2009

Splish Splash!

Hi Doodle Doo Monster!

We played for a while this evening in you room tonight. For much of the evening you just played quietly with your toys, but you were an animal for the last while that we were playing. You were crawling all over the place and trying to get into everything. You were climbing all over me and clawing at me to get at toys. You discovered that the drawers on your dresser open. You were pulling at them and opening them. I was busy trying to keep you from jamming your fingers. Mommy says you've discovered opening the drawers already and jammed your fingers before. She said you cried and it hurt a lot. Poor little baby.

We gave you a bath tonight. You are getting much better at sitting up in the tub and staying up. You were playing with your rubber toys. You were sitting up and splashing like crazy with your hands... swinging your arms down and splashing water all over me and everywhere. You were flipping over to your belly, kicking your legs and arms and yelling like crazy. I took a short video of you swimming and yelling. You are getting good at flipping back up to sit on your bum. You went back and forth between your belly and your bum a few times.

Its funny ... you love it so much when mommy sprays you with the shower sprayer. You try to get under the spray... and giggle when she sprays your bum, back and belly.

I love you lots you silly cute little girl!