Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hiya Baby:)

Hi Monkey Moo!

Daddy and I took you to Maid Marion's for lunch today in Summerside.  As usual, you were very happy to eat french fries!  Today, though, you were playing a new game.  After you had your fill of french fries and bread, you started picking up your fries and purposely throwing them on the floor.  I would say, "Don't you drop that..." and you would look at me and try to drop it anyway.  Daddy was catching the things you were dropping some of the time but there was still a whole big whack of fries on the floor.  You sure do leave an awful mess sometimes!

After eating, we went to get groceries at a couple of different places.  You sure were a good girl baby.  But, you were getting pretty tired by the end...  You were crying to get out of the shopping cart so Daddy picked you up.  But, when you're tired and cranky, you really want Mama instead:)  So, I carried you for the last little while and that kept you pretty happy.

When we were all done of groceries, we decided to go for a walk on the Summerside boardwalk by Spinnager's Landing.  We took some pictures of you in your stroller.

You sure are a cute little monkey.  While Daddy was trying to take your picture, you were trying to turn around and stand up in your stroller.  Silly little ape:)
We sure do love you bunches and bunches. 

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