Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reading Sound Book - So Smart!

Hiya Baby Girl

Tonight I was reading you one of your books. You sure love your books. You often aren't patient enough to let us read them to you. You want to turn the pages, and say "aaa daaat" while pointing at things, or now you actually know what many things are and you point them out and say them. The book was called Bug's Big Baby .. its about Bugs Bunny looking after a Bear. Anyway, its a musical book, with five buttons down the side. The buttons have different pictures on them and make different sounds. The same picture as the buttons is also all throughout the story. When you get to that picture, you are supposed to press the same button. When we reached those parts of the books, I would point in the story and say, press that button. You would then press the right button all on your own. You are so amazing. You got every one of them right for the whole story. You are so smart.

I love you smart baby!

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