Friday, November 12, 2010

Emma's Art & More Talking

Hi Wonderful Baby!

Talking To Jenna, Ben and Grammie

You were talking to Jenna on the phone the other night. You were saying "Hi Jennna". You and Jenna both were pretty excited. You were talking jibberish back and forth. I asked you if you wanted to say hi to Ben, right away you said "Hi Ben … aaaan Noah". You are so smart. You mentioned Noah even though nobody said his name. You said lots of hi's.

Later I gave my mom a call and gave you the phone… You said hi and when you heard who it was, you said "hiiii grammmie". You were pretty hyper. You were in our bedroom, walking in circles around a luggage case on the floor and saying "feee fooour feee fooour feee fooour ……" I think you were counting a couple of minnie mouse t-shirts (for you and Jenna) that were on top of the luggage.

It was a windy night and you could hear the wind howling outside of our bedroom window. A couple times, you said to Grammie, "aaa heeear aaat? ….. Hrrrruck." You were asking her if she could hear that….. The truck. It was cute.


Last night, you drew a couple really nice pictures. I sat with you to help. I didn’t help you at all with the pictures. After you would select a marker from the box, I'd take the cover off for you…. And then but the cover back on when you were done … that's all. Here's a picture of you working on one of the photos in your high chair.

I'll save one or both of the pictures for you, put them away, frame them for you or something :) Here's a picture I took of your art. Mommy put the purple circle squiggles on the top right coner of the top picture.


You are so cute. You hear everything. It was so funny. You were in your high chair this morning. We were all busy as we usually are in the morning. Mommy was gathering some things for our lunch and said to me … "do you want some crackers Jeff?" A short while later you looked at me and said " … aaaa-an some caackers .. Jeff ?" Haha… it was so funny. You said it a couple times.

I love you little baby!

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