Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dancing, Juuis, Bilk & Waader

Hi little baby!

Talking Lots

You sure do talk lots. Its so cute. You're a little parrot. You repeat things all the time. You also know so many words and phrases.
It was funny, on the weekend, you were in bed with us and you wanted me to get up. You were trying to push me out of bed, and was saying "shuuurt onnnnn dadddeee". When I finally sat up and put a shirt on, you said "pannnts onnnn daddeee". You picked up a pair of my pants, handed them to me and said "heeeree-gooo".

Dancing On New Floor

I replaced your bedroom floor carpet with laminate flooring on the weekend and rolled out a new mat for you. You were pretty excited about the new floor and mat. You were dancing on the mat. You stutter-stepped on the mat and turned in circles. I stood on the mat and did it with you. You then pressed the button on your Elmo book to play music, grabbed my hands and said "dannsssss daddeee". We then danced around. You mostly would hold one hand and twirl in circles. You're such a cute little girl.

Juuuuis, Bilk & Waaader

When you ask for a "baa-baaa", you know what to ask for. You mostly want juice... you love orange juice. When we don't have any, we say there isn't any, would you like milk or water. Your reply is "juuuuis aaaaall gonnnnne ?" When you want milk, you now say "bilkkk". We'll say, do you want some water... you reply by saying "no, juuuis" or "no, waaader". Sometimes I think you're just trying to be a comedian, because you'll ask for one thing, then ask for another, when we confirm with you, you'll ask for something different again. Tonight, I said do you want some juice, I'll get you some juice. I was holding you in my arms while I was pouring it. You were saying "Iiii liiiikkke juuuis".

You're such a cute baby! I love you!

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