Thursday, November 19, 2009

8th Tooth, Saying Raarrr, Walking Car Forward, Lots of Words and Singing With Mommy

Hi sweet baby!

We noticed tonight that you got your 8th tooth, the one to the right of your top front teeth. It must have come in a little while ago, because it is way out. You now have the 4 front top and bottom teeth. We're glad that you don't try to bite us much anymore.

As mommy was telling you, you sure are talking lots lately. More often, you are making different sounds over and over, but you sometimes say a word, or repeat one that we say. You say Hi and Mamma and Dadda. We're still trying to get you to say I love you, but you haven't said all the words clearly yet. You try to repeat after us, but just get all the words yet.

We're always interacting with you and trying to get you to say things like Mamma, Dadda, Hi, etc. This evening on the way home in the van, we were trying to get you to repeat words. Mommy was trying to get you to say Mamma, and you said NO. It was funny, but I don't think you knew what it meant.

Sometimes, Mommy will ask you "Where's Daddy". When you look at me... she pats me on the shoulder, say's good girl, and says nice Daddy. I also say, "Where's Mommy", and you look at her.

When we put you to bed, we usually snuggle you, rock you back and forth and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Tonight Mommy was snuggling with you and singing. Sometimes, like tonight, you quietly hum along with Mommy's singing. You're so cute singing along with Mommy.

You can now sit on your car and walk it forward. We took a short video of it. You're such a big girl.

We recently started asking you "What does a dinosaur say?" Then we'd say RAAARRRRRR. Now, when we ask you that question, you whisper a cute little raarrr. You're so smart.

You are so darn active lately. You are growing into such a crazy active little girl. You are so hard to hold onto. Tonight, we had you on the couch with us, and you were crawling all over us and trying to climb onto the back of the couch. You just wouldn't sit still. When we play with you in your bedroom, you stand up (holding on) at the toy box. You reach in and pull toys out one by one. When you get near the bottom of the box, you stand on your tip-toes and reach way down.... sometimes we think you're going to fall in head first. You are so cute looking standing up and reaching into your toy box.

I love you precious Emma!

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