Monday, November 2, 2009

One-Year Doctor Check up & Some Cute Things

Hiya Cute Doodle Bug!

One-Year Check up & Latest Measurements

You had your one year check up with Doctor Coady today. You didn't get to see him until after 11 AM and didn't get to have a nap in the morning, so you were kinda cranky and hard to entertain while we waited. Your check up went great. You just finished your last antibiotic on the weekend ... so it must have helped make your cold and ear infection all better.

Here's your latest measurements.
- height = 76 cm tall (30 inches) - 90th percentile
- head circumference = 45 cm (18 inches)
- weight = 21 1/2 lbs (9.75 kg) - 75th percentile

I don't really trust the accuracy of the measurements taken at the doctor's office, but I'm sure they're pretty close. They measured your height quickly and weighed you with your clothes on. They are usually much more accurate when you get your vaccination needles at the public health office.


Speaking of the public health office, we took you for your one-year vaccination needles last Thursday. You got two needles in your arm. You cried briefly but were content again in barely any time at all. A few minutes later, in the same building, you got the H1N1 flu vaccination needle in your other arm. Again, you had a brief cry and were content again. You are such a strong and brave girl.

Oh yeah, they didn't take your measurements this time because the nurses were very busy giving the flu vaccine to many, many people.

Your First Nighty

We bought you your first nighty on the weekend. Its a pretty purple "Tinkerbell" nighty. You are wearing it tonight for the first time. I was going to take a picture, but we put you to bed before I got the chance.

Clowning Around At Supper

You are such a silly little bopper. You were in your highchair at the table, eating tortilini pasta with us for supper. After you ate your first serving, we looked over to see you holding your little plastic bowl upside down on your head like a hat. You were looking around at us with excitement as if to say "somebody look at me!!!" We laughed when we noticed you. Upon being noticed and laughed at, you belted out a loud giggling laugh... you were so proud of yourself :)

A little later, I looked over to see you with your plastic fork in your teeth. You were grinning and shaking your head back and forth. You are so silly.

I didn't get a photo of your silliness tonight but here's one I took of you eating on Halloween day. You were kinda doing the same thing with your spoon, except tonight you were being silly and shaking your head with your fork in your mouth.

Dancing With Daddy

A little bit before bedtime tonight, I was carrying you around in my arms. I was rocking you around and spinning with you. You seemed to have some fun. A few times you were quiet and seemed a bit dizzy, but some other times you were smiling and making wooooo sounds. You spit up a little bit after Mommy took you. Ooops, I guess that was my fault :)

Where's Your Toes?

Mommy recently started a fun game with you. She says "Emmaaaaaa, where's your belly?" After she says it a few times, you put your hand on your belly or lift your shirt. She then tickles you and says "I got your belly!" It makes you squeal and laugh like crazy. You don't laugh as hard when I do it. We also say, "Where's your tongue?" You stick out your tongue... you're so silly. I often say to you, "Where's your toes?" Then I bite them. It makes you smile. When I let go, you reach your foot out towards me as if to say, "That was fun .... do it again, Daddy".

You're such a wonderful and beautiful baby. Mommy and I find ourselves saying that to each other many times each day. Each time I look at you having fun or playing or sitting in your car seat or snuggling and sucking your thumb ..... my heart melts..... and I turn to Mommy and say "She's so beautiful" or "She's such a wonderful little baby".

I love you little bopper!

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