Saturday, October 16, 2010

Portrait With Jenna

Hi Sweetie!

We took you to Sears to get pictures taken with Jenna. Grammie has been asking for a while, so we finally decided to get you both together for some photos. We're going to give the picture to Grammie for Christmas, so we have to keep it secret until then. You both looked so cute in your dresses. Getting pictures wasn't too easy. Jenna was kinda scared and didn't want to get in front of the background. When we finally got you both together in front of the camera, it was hard to get you both looking at the camera and smiling. We did get a few good photos.

Here's a picture of you and Jenna playing quietly at the photo studio. I think most of the time, you weren't quietly playing ... I was chasing you all around.

Here are a couple of the awesome photos we got.

We went out for lunch afterwards. You and Jenna really started to warm up. You were hugging and holding hands. Outside, you were running around together. It was pretty cute. You were both pretty sad when we had to leave. Here are a bunch of the cute photos.

I love you beautiful baby!

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