Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Staying Up Late, Where's Mommy/Daddy, Talking On Phone

Staying Up Late

You've been staying up so late the past few nights. You just wander around playing. It doesn't even work when I take you in to our bed any more. Tonight, you relaxed for a while, but then started playing. You touched my nose and said "nose". You then kept pointing to different parts of my face and yours and saying "ear", "eye", "hair", "mouth", "hands", and "toes". You are so smart. At one point while you were playing, you layed your head down on a foot stool next to one of your baby dolls. You silly girl.

Saying No

You sure like to say "no" a lot. Enough said ... I think we'd written to you about this before.

Where's Mommy / Where's Daddy

You can say "mommy" and "daddy" really well now. You point at us and say mommy or daddy. When we ask you "where's daddy or where's mommy", you point at us.

Talking On Phone

You pick up the phone and say "hi". Then you go on to talk jibberish. Then you abruptly say "bye" and hang up. Its pretty cute. I have some videos of it. Here's a picture I clipped out of one of the videos. You're so cute.

Love To Play Outside

You love to go play outside. You point outside and say "uuggh uuggh". You even cry to go outside. You have lots of fun playing outside. Here's a cute picture of you playing outside in your Dora ship fort/toy.

I love you baby girl!


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