Monday, May 31, 2010

Visit Brianna & Adaat?

Hiya Little Baby!

Eating Cheesies

We visited our friends Scott, Jeanita and Brianna on the weekend. Brianna was born in September, about six weeks before you. You had lots of fun playing with Brianna and her toys. You two sat at her picnic table (which is the same as yours) and ate cheesies.

Playing in Sandbox

You and Brianna had fun playing in her frog sand box. They were on sale at Zellers so we got you one to take home.

Riding Brianna's Four-Wheeler

You had a lot of fun riding on Brianna's little electric four-wheeler. You roded it on the deck and around the yard.

Sitting On Potty

You kept going to the bathroom and sitting on Brianna's potty. Its a little early for you.


While walking around Giant Tiger in Moncton, you stopped every step to say "adaat" (what's that)? We'd tell you what it was, then you'd move a step to the next item and say the same thing. You kept doing it over and over.

I love you beautiful baby!

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