Tuesday, June 1, 2010

16 Teeth, Hard To Get To Sleep, Climbing On Crib, Saying Mommy & Daddy

Hi Cute Baby!

16 Teeth

You now have 16 teeth. The four teeth on the outside of your front four on the top and bottom came in. The top ones (your fangs) are almost all the way out. The bottom ones are out too.

Hard To Get You To Sleep

You've been hard to get to sleep for the past couple weeks. You don't want to go in your crib. You are hyper and want to run around and play. When we pick up up and carry you into your crib. You sook, look at your crib, shake your head and say a stern "nooo". Its sometimes pretty late by the time we get you to sleep. You do settle down nicely when we lay down with you in our bed. You go from being hyper to relaxing and sucking your thumb. You then often go to sleep within 5 or 10 minutes... sometime longer. We hope you start being a good girl again and going to bed in your crib at bed time.

Climbing On Your Crib

We'll soon have to get you a bigger bed. The other day while you were in your crib, you were standing up holding onto the rail, and put your foot up on top of the rail. You'll soon be able to climb out. The other day, you also climbed up on the crib rail from the outside. You held onto the rails with your hands, and stood up with both feet on the bottom part of the rails.

Saying Mommy & Daddy

You say "mommy" and "daddy" a lot now. You say it in an excited way... you say it in a regular way ... you say it in a sad sooky way.

I love you beautiful baby!

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