Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Know Eyes, Mouth Etc / Say Lots of Names / Hand To Wak Down Stairs / Goooooo!

Hiya Baby!

Eyes Ears Mouth Nose & Tickling Dolly

You, Mommy, Cameron, Brenna and I went to Maid Marions for supper in Summerside a couple evenings ago. Brenna gave you her Cabbage Patch Kid Dollys. You had fun saying "eyes, nose, mouth, ears and toes" and pointing out those parts on the dolly and on Cameron. I took some videos of it. You were even kissing the dolly. Cameron tickled the dolly's toes and said "tickle tickle tickle". You repeated by making a sound by moving your tongue between your lips. It sounds something like "luggle luggle liggle liggle". Its pretty funny. You've been doing it a lot ever since.

Here you are pointing at your dolly's eye and saying "eye".

Here you are tickling your dolly's feet.

You Say Lots of Names

You are starting to say names other than "mommee and daddee". You call Cameron something like "murrmo" or "murrmon". You calll Brenna "neneee". You call Nana "naneee". You call Nana's sister Judie "doodee". I don't think you've come up with a word for Devon yet, but you will soon.
Look So Cute In Mornings
You look so cute and sweet in the mornings. You look so sweet and tired, sitting in your highchair with messy hair, snuggling your blanket and sucking your thumb. I tried to take some photos of your cuteness, but of course, you performed as soon as you saw the camera :) This photo shows your sweet cuteness.

Wanting to See The Babeee On The Camera

You still love looking at pictures of yourself. When you see the camera, you reach for it and say "babeee, babeee, babeee". You want to see the cute baby in the pictures and videos. You snuggle in and I flip through the pictures and videos of you on the camera. You point to the pictures of yourself and say "babeeeee". You also point to Mommy and I and say "mommeeeeee and daddeeeeee". Last night you were kissing the screen to kiss your own pictures.
Playing in Water With Grumpy
Last weekend at the cottage, you walked into the water with Grumpy. You had fun walking around and playing in the water.

Need a Hand To Walk Down Deck Stairs

You have so much fun at the cottage. You run around the deck and yard. You can slowly get down the two short steps of the deck to get to the yard. Most often, you walk to the steps then reach your hand back and say "uhhh uhhh" to get someone to take your hand to help you down. Its pretty cute.
Light Saber

You've been having fun playing with Devon's glowing light saber. You swing it around and make woosh and woo sounds. You must have heard Devon playing with it and making those sounds. You chased Brenna around the house one evening, swinging the light saber at her. She was scared :) Here's a photo of you with the light saber.


You've been saying "GOOOOOOO" for a while. You would say it to the cat sometimes. You would walk up to her and point and say "Gooooo!" Last night and today you were saying it to Cameron. You were either pointing at him or pushing him and saying "Gooooo!" Its kinda rude, but we can't help finding it funny. Its most funny when you are snuggling in with Mommy or me, and if Brenna or Cameron comes over and looks at you and tries to say hi ... you sometimes say a low-growly "Guuuooooo".

I love you sweet baby!

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