Friday, July 9, 2010

Camping Fundy, Nodding Yes, Waaa Rrrr Uuuu, Aaa Peeeen

Hi Sweet Baby!

Camping At Fundy Park

We went camping at Fundy National Park on the weekend. Brenna and her friend Andrea came too. We hiked on a few trails: Dickson Falls, Laverty Falls, Shiphaven and Point Wolfe Beach. We carried you in your backpack carrier. You loved it. You were pulling on Mommy's hair when she was carrying you on the Dickson Falls trail. You weren't in your carrier since last fall. You didn't really enjoy it then, but you sure loved it this time. We took you to Laverty falls last summer.

Here's you, Mommy and me at the look out at the entrance of the Dickson Falls trail.

Here's Mommy with you in the backpack carrier. You were pulling her hair, you brat.

Here' you and I on a trail at Point Wolfe, over looking the Shiphaven Beach.

Here you are just chillin in the sun. Such a cute and cool baby.

Here's you, Mommy and I at the lookout on the side of the road near the campground.

Here you are having supper at the campsite with Mommy, Brenna and Andrea.

Here you are trying to roast marshmellows with Brenna and Andrea.

You decided to go with cheesies instead. You look michevious. Silly girl.

Here's you, Mommy and I at the Third Vault Falls. Its about an hour walk to get there, but its really cool. I dipped your feet into the water. Brenna, Andrea and I went swimming in it... .the water is super freezing.

Here you are asleep in the tent after a long fun day. You're sleeping on your Dora couch. That's you under the blue tweety-bird blanket.

Nodding Yes

You started nodding "yes" at the end of last week. You've always been saying "noooo" when you really mean yes. You don't say yes yet, but you nod. If you answer "nooo", we ask if that's a "yes - no", and you nod yes.

Getting So Smart

You are getting so smart. You are saying and repeating lots of words. You also understand most of what we say to you. We ask you things like where are your shoes, are you hungry, do you want to get in your high chair, where's your cup, wait we'll look for your shoes, etc. You respond by saying no, nodding yes, pointing, etc.

Waaa rrrr uuuu

You say "where are you" … its more like "waaaaa rrrr uuuuu". Mommy gets you to say it sometimes. You say "Daddddeeee, waaaa rrr uuuu". Its pretty cute. You were saying it to the cat last night from your high chair. She walked by under your chair. You were looking around for her and said "Hiii kittteeeeeee, waaaa rrrr uuuuu".

Aaaaaa Peeeeeen

We were out on the deck yesterday evening. You were laying down in your empty frog sand box (I didn't put sand in it yet) and looking up at the sky. You then pointed up and made a happy sound to get my attention. It was a plane, way up high in the sky. I said that's an air plane. I said you were on an air plane when we went to Florida. You stood up and kept pointing at the plane. You tried to repeat after me… you said it a couple different ways, but you were pretty close. You said "aaaaa beeean". When Mommy came outside, you were still pointing and saying "aaaa beeean".

Driving Car

We spent the evening at the cottage. You were driving around in Campbell's electric 4x4 Jeep. You were pretty cute. I chased you all around the yard. Its amazing how smart you are to know where the "go" pedal is. You hold on to the steering wheel but you don't steer that well yet. Mommy was taking some videos of you. I left it in high gear while she was recording, so you were flying around the yard fast. You sure love those electric cars. Last weekend, we stopped at Toys R Us in Moncton. You sat in almost every electric car display model in the store... playing witht he steering whell and pressing on the "go" pedal.

I love you wonderful baby!

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