Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big-Kid Swing, Walking Down Cottage Deck Steps On Your Own, and Others

Hiya Little Baby B!

We were camping at Ponderosa Pines in New Brunswick on the weekend with Devon and Brenna. We took them horse back riding and on a 2 1/2 hour ATV ride. You spend the weekend with Nana and Grumpy. We picked you up at the cottage later in the afternoon. Here we are after our awesome ATV ride.

First Time on Big-Kid Swing?

While there, you wanted to be pushed on your swing. I pushed you for a while. Later, you wanted to sit on the big-kid swing. I lifted you up to sit on it. You grabbed the ropes just like you're supposed to and held on. I pushed you a little bit, but stayed close. I'm glad that you were ready to get off after a short time. You did really well. It might have been your first time on a big-kid swing.

Riding In Car on Sidewalk

You wanted to get into your black car. Grumpy told me that you liked being pushed down the patio-stone sidewalk and bumping into the deck steps. I pulled you back, then pushed you towards the steps, letting you bump against the steps. You'd immediately say "aagain!!". I did it over and over a few times. You were so cute. I'd say lift your feet, and you'd lift them up and push them up against the inside of the car so they wouldn't be dragging under the car. Here's a picture of you hanging out in your car on the sidewalk.

Squirrel Close Up

I was carrying you by the bird feeder and noticed a squirrel hanging upside down on it eating seeds. We stayed and watched him for a while. We were within reaching distance. He just sat there and ate while we watched. You pointed at him a few times, and he still didn't move. I was holding you so I couldn't get a really good picture. Here's the back of your head and arm with you up close to the squirrel.

Walking Down Small Deck Steps

Today, you started walking down the small deck steps all by yourself. You walked down both small steps (the ones towards Judie & Butch's and the ones toward the lane). Up until now, you'd ask for help by holding out your hand, or you would get down on your hands and knees and step down with your hands on. Today, you just walked over, paused, then stepped down, then did the same thing to walk down the second step to the ground. It was pretty amazing to watch you. Here's a picture of you about to start walking down the steps.

I love you baby!

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