Monday, August 30, 2010

Laughing Hysterically & Liking Flowers

Hi Cute Baby!

Laughing Hysterically

While I was laying down with you tonight, you were drinking milk from your cup (your ba-baaa). You accidentally made a squeaking sucking noise and that made you crack up. You were laughing hysterically. You were watching me to react, and when I laughed at you, you laughed hysterically even more. Then you started trying to mimic the sound by making the sound with your lips, then you'd laugh like crazy. You'd say "aggaiin", do it again, and laugh. I took a video. It was dark, but you can hear the silly laughing.

You had a puppy teddy bear in bed with you too. You kept saying "shhhhhh", "puppy seeeepinnn". It was pretty cute.

Flower From Judie

We had supper at the cottage tonight. After supper, you were wanting me to take you down to the stairs and were saying 'aaa buuutcch". You wanted to go over next door and see Butch. I took you over. You were shy when we got over to talk to him. "Doodie" (Judie) came out of the cottage and took you for a walk to her friend's cottage. While there, she gave you a big flower. I was so amazed when I seen you coming back with the flower in your hands. You weren't scared of the flower at all. You played with it all the way home. You used to be so scared of flowers. Even now, you are nervous of them. When I bring you over to flowers in the yard, you smile nervously, then reach out and gently touch the flowers, then say a quiet "aaaaaaaaaggh" and rub your hand a few times on your belly nervously. Its pretty cute.

I love you little baby!

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